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What we do...

We pride ourselves on producing quality, handcrafted Shepherds Hut Self-Build Kits individually tailored to meet your particular requirements.


Based on the northern edge of the New Forest on the Hampshire/ Dorset border, and now more recently expanded into Cornwall, Dorset Shepherd Huts have been designing and building huts since 2010.


We are passionate about using traditional methods in harmony with the latest technology to allow you to create a beautiful, warm and environmentally sound space.


Using our self build option reduces the cost of owning your hut and enables you to 'shop around' for unique or cost effective components to complete your hut, and makes your creation a one of a kind.


If you need a helping hand, why not consider employing local trades such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters to complete your hut/home, thereby supporting your local economy, and local businesses, which is always a good thing!!


Many of our clients had given up the idea of owning a shepherd's hut due to the many over priced 'Shepherd Hut companies' charging huge prices. Why pay up to £60,000 for a hut when you don't need too?

  • Our Mini Hut creates the perfect home office or garden nook.
  • Our Glamping / accommodation could increase your income by up to £220 a night!
  • Our Tiny Home is bigger than some 2 bed apartments on the market.


So whether it's 'return on investment' you are looking for, or just the opportunity to create your perfect unique garden space, then don't give up on the idea come and talk to us.

Some of our clients include Holiday Parks, Pub Chains, Theme Parks, Air-BNB accommodation, Offices and Leisure Facilities.

Our 'Mini Hut Self-Buid' Solution

Based upon years of experience, we have designed the 'Mini Hut Self-Build' Solution to fulfill the need for a useable, peaceful and connected space to work in, situated in your own garden. Something more and more of us need and/or want in the increasingly popular 'work from home' culture.

  • Delivered fully finished and ready for you to settle in immediately, or as a self-build kit
  • The kit arrives base and chassis constructed, wheels attached, side panels made ready to be erected
  • It is no more difficult that putting together a garden shed
  • Prices start at just £3350.00 for a hut which is 3m long
  • Options to extend to 3.6m and 4m
  • OR
  • Talk to us about our MIni Hut bundles .
  • See our options and prices tab for further details, or fill out our form below to get started,


Let's find out how we can help give you the space you need at an honest and affordable price.


Our Glamping / Accommodation Self-Build Solution


We have recognised that the large budgets traditionaly associated with Shepherd's Huts aren't often justified. Why pay up to £60,000 for a Shepherd's Hut when you can pay just a fraction of that and have the satisfaction of having created it yourself.



  • The standard size is 5486mm long and 2286mm wide
  • The space you need for a full kingsize bed, shower room, kitchenette / lounge
  • Go longer you can extend this hut to 6096mm if you like!!
  • Our unique Family Hut is tall enough for you to pop in a mezzanine and then open up a completely new market for your glamping experience
  • Our Brace is two huts together with our unique 'walk through hallway' giving you two plus bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen living room!
  • Starting at only £6550.00


You can build a beautiful space unique to your setting, and increase income with a glamping buiness.


See price and options tab for further details, or call us to find out how we can help give you the space you need at an honest and affordable price.

Our Tiny Home Self Build Solution


Our Tiny Home is large enough to live in permanently, be it to accommodate grown up children or family in the garden, or to be the permanent structure on that bit of land you have purchased. From a Shepherd’s Hut perspective, there is nothing small about our Tiny Home!



  • Standing with an internal space of 9.1M long and 3.3M wide a huge living space of 30sqm, bigger than some flats!
  • Space to house an ample bathroom with shower, large bedroom, kitchen, and lounge area and a mezzanine.
  • Staritng at only £20,979.00 not event the price of a deposit for a flat!


Being on wheels, six in fact, it is seen as a moveable structure and therefore planning permission is not usually needed. However, it is always better to ensure that there are no local or specific restrictions that may apply to your property or location and we are happy to assist in seeking that expertise should you require it, wit one of our friendly planning consultants.


*All prices are subject to VAT



Our Tiny Home and Shepherd huts on wheels are generally classed as Caravans by Planning Authorities, and this means you can usually store a shepherd's hut within the residential curtilage of your house (i.e. in your immediate garden area, or on your driveway) without the need for planning permission - as you can with a caravan.


You can also use the hut to accommodate friends and family in conjunction with your main house, as ancillary accommodation; again, no planning permission is usually required for this. Friends and family includes an elderly relative, a teenager, or any immediate family member. As long as the unit is clearly used in conjunction with the facilities of the main house, then the hut can usually include a bed, wc / shower and mini-kitchenette.



Our Self Build Mini Hut is the perfect choice:


  • Affordable option,
  • 3m, 3.6m or 4m
  • Take it with you if you move
  • Under 30SQM and on wheels which helps when looking at the planning restrictions in the garden
  • Can be carried in component parts down a foot path to get to thoes difficult spaces.




With the global situation and lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt staycations are higher than ever before. The need for people to 'get away' still remains high, and the call for somewhere different is even greater. This is a fantastic time for you to move forward with that glamping dream, but not at a cost of between £30,000 and £60,000 a hut.


  • Self build flat pack is very cost effective
  • Satisfaction you have built it yourself
  • Option to help the local economy by employing your local trades people to help you
  • You get exactly what you want
  • No OVER PRICED 'shepherd hut' companies taking your hard earned funds
  • Who wouldn't want to stay in your beautiful Shepherd Hut







  • Price of property at an all time high and increasing
  • Difficult to get on the property ladder
  • Bank of Mum and Dad not quite reach to the 100K deposit for a house!
  • Expand your space without compromising
  • Give your family the independence they deserve!




  • We are all living longer
  • Why go in to warden assisted homes
  • There is a huge drive for families to look after older relatives
  • Older houses traditionally have large gardens
  • Still keep independence for all



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