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Tiny Home



Our Tiny Home is large enough to live in permanently, be it to accommodate grown up children or family in the garden, or to be the permanent structure on that bit of land you have purchased. From a Shepherd’s Hut perspective, there is nothing small about our Tiny Home! Standing with an internal space of 9.1M long and 3.3M wide giving an overall huge living space of 30sqm, excluding the mezzanine, which is bigger than some flats!

Our Tiny Home can house an ample bathroom with shower, large bedroom, kitchen, and lounge area as shown in our pictures; or any other configuration that suits your needs including a mezzanine floor.


Dorset Shepherd Huts were the first company in the UK to offer a self-build option in the form of a 'flat pack' for a Shepherd Hut, giving you the opportunity to build your own structure with the more specialised structural elements already completed for you.


As with all of our huts we have undertaken the difficult bits for you and our Tiny Home comes in the following options:


1. Self-build 'Flat Pack' Option1.

2. Self-build 'Flat Pack' Option 2 (partially constructed) on-site only.

3. Fully finished and ready to go!

Our Tiny Home is a perfectly proportioned hut which is huge on space and big on value. Many of our clients tell us that they looked around at 'sizable structures' only to be disappointed by the inflated price tags. They then speak to us and choose the self build route, resulting with a beautiful structure at a realistic cost and achieve exactly what they want without the need to compromise anywhere.


Designed using our unique bolt together chassis (the complete kit can be walked through the middle of a terraced house) or more often than not through a standard garden gate, means building our Tiny Home is available to everyone no matter your Tiny Homes final location. The chassis being created from sturdy box steel and galvanised, has 6 bespoke steel wheels on three fixed axels. Using industry standard materials, which are used in the building trade every day, you can be sure that it is built to last and you are able to decide on the final finish.

Our Tiny Home is beautiful and will provide you with the perfect additional space for you and your family as well as being practical and attractive.




Self-build 'Flat Pack' from £20,979.00 Plus VAT



The Tiny Home is no exception to our range, and makes owning a Tiny Home a fantastic project for you to undertake as well as being perhaps the most cost effective option, and you will be able to create your own space, entirely unique to you, which is exactly what our self builders do.

As with all of our self build structures be it the Mini Hut, Glamping Hut or a Tiny Home, we believe that if you can put together a garden shed and pergola, with our assembly guide you should be able to construct our purpose built self-assembly Tiny Home!




  • External measurements: 9300mm long and 3500mm wide.
  • Internal measurements: 9100mm long, 2400mm high (excluding curvature of roof), 3300mm wide.




  • Our unique fixed chassis is 50mm steel box section, with a draw bar and 6 x 24" six spoke wheels all galvanised.




  • The roof is made from black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets
  • Our roof formers are precision crafted from steel, to create the perfect sturdy curve
  • Our strengthening bars are just the ticket to give your Tiny Home the strength it needs.




  • Constructed wall panels using C24 4x2 treated timber and arrive already covered with breathable membrane.




  • The warm floor is constructed ready for you to bolt on to the chassis.




  • We include two double glazed windows




  • We include one pair of double glazed doors in the self build package.




  • Step guide instructions with lots of pictures are included in the kit




A WORD ON PLANNING Our Tiny Home being on wheels is generally classed as a Caravans by Planning Authorities, and this means you can usually store a Tiny Home within the residential curtilage of your house (i.e. in your immediate garden area, or on your driveway) without the need for planning permission - as you can with a caravan.
You can also use the Tiny Home to accommodate friends and family in conjunction with your main house, as ancillary accommodation; again, no planning permission is usually required for this. Friends and family includes an elderly relative, a teenager, or any immediate family member. As long as the unit is clearly used in conjunction with the facilities of the main house, then the hut can usually include a bed, wc / shower and mini-kitchenette.
We are able to help with planning if required through our friendly planning consultant - Just ask

We deliver as a two man team and can also ship across the Globe if required.


For a list of the other components please see the price and options page.


Partially Constructed £POA


Just as with the Self-Build 'Flat Pack' option, you receive the same components but we will assemble them on site for you, leaving you with a structual shell ready for you to make your mark as you choose. The above shows the addition of external cladding.


For only £3000.00 we will construct your standard self build kit given you are within 40 miles of our HQ. We will be happy to work with you and discuss your build if you are out side this area.


If you woulld like us to add insulation, internal and external cladding and internal finishes, we are able to undertake this as shown in the pictures. This will be additional to the above and is not included but can be supplied along with many different additional options, See our Options and Pricing page to find out more. All the options can be installed for you on site by our team if you just let us know at time of purchase.


Call us to discuss your requirements, our self-build WILL save you money and give you EXACTLY what you want, why pay more when you don't have to.

Berspoke Finish the price is down to you!


As with the above options, we can provide you with our flat pack and partially assembled kit but please do ask if you would like us to do more than this for you.


Our teams of experienced tradespeople are able to undertake the full build programme from start to finish managing the project from cradle to grave.


Just think you will have been able to choose the perfect design and configuration of your Tiny Home including the interior and exterior colour, so all you will need to do is settle in and relax.


Call for to create your perfect hut. 07876801901


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