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Bespoke Chassis - Metal Packs

Shepherd Hut Chassis Construction.

Looking for the ultimate bespoke chassis, with an easy to assemble roof? Our unique 'bolt together' chassis and roof fomers will make your self build project a breeze.

  • Perfect for difficult to access locations

  • Our roof formers save hours in construction time, and saves plenty of frustration!


Our beautiful chassis is designed with strength and quality in mind. Perfect for the garden room or the escape!

Up to 4m in length let us help make your dream a reality



Starting at a 3m hut (as per our measurements detailed for a Mini Hut) £3150.00 plus vat and delivery

3.6m is £3750.00 plus vat and delivery 

4m is £3950.00 plus vat and delivery 



HEAVY DUTY Glamping hut Metal Pack

SIZE - External measurements: 5486mm long 2286 wide CHASSIS

  • Our unique turning chassis in 50mm steel box section, removable draw bar (options of self colour and galvanised) and 18" six spoke wheels with cotter pin.

  • They come with three pre fabricated frames which accommodate the rear axle and on the front the turn table and a central body for strength.

  • The turn table is 600mm in diameter to eliminate any rocking in the hut when it is built, which is something that many companies omit to do.

  • The rear axle is fixed in place.

  • You will receive 4 heavy duty steel 18” wheels with a 40mm bore, these fit simply with a washer and cotter pin to our 40mm axle stubs.

  • There is a draw bar also supplied, this is a standard 50mm I/D ring for towing with a tractor and other vehicles, but on request can be made to have a standard 50mm ball hitch instead.

  • The chassis and wheels come as standard grey steel colour ready for you to paint (if this is the option you choose).

  • It has been known for our chassis to be taken through the front door of a house to get to the back garden!


  • The roof we supply you with 6 black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets along with the screws and colour coded caps.

  • Four of our unique roof formers are precision crafted to create the perfect sturdy curve for your hut. You then simply place 3x2 treated timber on top and bolt the rood into them during the self- build process.

  • Instruction Guide Instruction step guide with many pictures showing you how to assemble chassis.

Delivery costs apply*

Can't see what you are looking for then ask.......... Choose:

  • between 3m and 9.3m in length

  • between 2m and 3.5m in width

  • 18" or 24" 6 spoke steel wheels

  • Self Colour or Galvanised

  • Rolling Chassis or 'Bolt Together' on site

We supply black plastisol coated corrugated roof sheets, and our unique roof formers are precision crafted to create the perfect sturdy curve for your hut - TALK TO US We believe this is the most flexible design on the market.

The Chassis Kits can be purchased in different sizes and all include the 

1. Chassis 18" or 24" wheels, turning axel and draw bar

2. Roof Formers

3. Roof Sheets and Screws with colour coded screws.

Self colour or Galvanised options.

Contact us for prices,,,,,,

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